06/02/11 Makers & Takers


You work really hard.  You pay all your bills. You’re a great neighbor.  And you volunteer for a local non-profit.  Is it you or does it seem the really lousy people get all of the good deals?

We’ve become a society of makers and takers.  People who produce goods and services are the makers.  The rest are the takers.  And government is picking winners and losers.

Remember that dreadful 2009 stimulus plan?  $800 billion was given to favored political groups and causes.  It turns out 3,700 recipients of more than $24 billion in stimulus funds owe more than $757 million in back taxes.

Speaking of federal taxes, one out of two Americans don’t pay any.  For them, April 15th is payday.

The Administration has issued almost 1400 waivers for Obamacare.  Union workers represent less than 12 percent of the work force.  But they got more than half of the waivers. 

About 200 waivers were issued in April.  One-fifth of them went to just one Congressional district – Nancy Pelosi’s. 

Senator Harry Reid’s Nevada state government got a waiver.

And taxpayers will lose billions of dollars on the GM and Chrysler bailouts.  Meanwhile, auto unions were given a huge chunk of Chrysler.  As a gift.

Your problem is you’re a maker.  And the government is on the side of the takers.

Now what are you going to do about it?