05/26/11 Voter Fraud


Buy a pack of smokes.  Or alcohol.  Watch an adult film. Pick-up a prescription.  Enter a federal building.  Board a plane.  Cash a check.  Drive a car. 

Dozens of activities require you to show ID. A photo ID.  buy over-the-counter Sudafed. 

Yet, more than half of the states will allow anyone to vote in an election without a shred of proof of who they are.

In Wisconsin, a person who is not a registered voter can vouch for a second person who doesn’t have ID. “Yeah, he lives here.” And that guy gets to vote.   How many times can two guys do that on Election Day?

Many states are finalizing their legislative sessions and some are enacting laws that require proof before someone can vote. 

Even without ID every single state will allow someone to cast a provisional or similar ballot on Election Day. No one gets turned away.

Forty-two states do not require photo ID. Seventeen states request non-photo ID and will accept a Medicaid or welfare card, fishing license or even a utility bill.  Try boarding a plane with your water bill.  That will get you strip-searched by the TSA.

But liberal groups claim photo IDs suppress voter turn-out.  Well, yeah.  It stops bogus voters.

The easiest way to steal an election is to commit voter fraud.  This is why we need safe and secure elections.