05/19/11 Spending Con Job


This credit card is totally maxed out.  I have to borrow money just to make the minimum payment.  But I have a plan.  I’ll ask the credit card company to raise my credit limit.  Crazy, huh?

That’s what’s happening with federal spending.  We’re at the national debt ceiling.  So Congress is going to raise it.  Why even have a debt ceiling if all we ever do it is increase it?

House Republicans have promised they won’t raise the debt ceiling without spending concessions by the White House.  And they’ll get them.  But it’s all a big con job.

Check this out.  The House will likely pass all 12 appropriations bills with spending cuts.  They will be sent to the Senate.  And this is what every Democrat and Republican in Congress already knows.  The bills will die in the Senate.  Although the three security related bills may pass.  They are military appropriations [defense], military construction and homeland security.  That’s because passing them is good politics.  But the other nine won’t.

Instead, a massive 2,000 page omnibus appropriations bill will be passed by Congress.  Loaded with wasteful spending.   That’s because Congress loves to spend your money.

Are you skeptical?  Check back in six months.  You’ll see I’m right.