04/21/11 Ludicrous Laws


Unfortunately, there is no shortage of policies by federal, state and local governments that are just too stupid for words. 

Maryland has one of the nation’s highest illegal alien populations.  The legislature just passed a bill that tackles the problem: They get discounted tuition at state colleges and universities.

California has taken a unique approach regarding illegal aliens.  Anyone who is stopped by a police officer who is driving a motor vehicle with a suspended or revoked license or has no license at all has their vehicle impounded for 30 days

But a new policy makes an exception.  Everyone without a valid license still loses their car — except illegal aliens.  Officials argue the current law is too burdensome for those who are here illegally.

Speaking of California, the state is on the verge of enacting a law dramatically changing public education.  Senate Bill 48 requires public schools to teach the history and contributions of – wait for it – lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.

You see, elections have consequences.  This is what we get when we vote for people who dismiss the Constitution, ignore the rule of law, believe in the nanny state, frivolously spend taxpayers’ money, oppose individual freedom and practice political correctness.

America is in a steep decline.  But there is still time to turn this around.  At the ballot box.