04/19/11 Breaking Point (Maryland)


Maryland is a state that typifies big, intrusive government.

The legislature and governor do as they please.  And have done so for decades.  

The General Assembly has been under one-party rule since the Civil War. Only five Republicans have served as governor since 1900. 

This may owe to the fact that so many Marylanders feed from the public welfare system as government employees, government contractors and others who live-off what you pay in taxes.

Even the Tea Party movement that swept the nation last election stopped at Maryland’s border.

This is why recent events are noteworthy. Marylanders are furious at the new law that gives discounted college tuition rates to illegal aliens — those who break the law. 

Maryland has the nation’s 10th highest illegal alien population.  It will only get worse.

Hard-working, law-abiding citizens have reached a breaking point. 

There is a growing movement to overturn the law — by lawsuit, referendum, or both. 

For the first time, the citizens may hold Annapolis accountable.

Overturning this law is more than symbolic. It is the first step in the public taking back their state from politicians and ideologues.