03/14/13 FBI Misconduct


In recent years I’ve offered examples of politicians and government employees abusing the public trust (here, here, here, hereherehere, here, &  here). Too often those who misbehave — or even break the law — receive little or no punishment.

Sometimes government employees are held to a lower standard than taxpayers.

The Justice Department often sends out press releases trumpeting the criminal conviction of private citizens. But not so for government employees.

Oftentimes criminal convictions are not only not reported but identities are redacted from documents to protect the individuals’ privacy rights. Even when they’ve broken the law.

When I report government misbehavior I often think this can’t be topped. And then it is.

We’ve gotten internal documents from the FBI that gives recent examples of misconduct. Including breaking the law. Of course, these documents are marked “NOT FOR PUBLIC DISSEMINATION.”

In the past two years more than 1,000 FBI agents and employees have been disciplined. Offenses include:

lying under oath,
weapons violation,
failure to pay taxes,
improper handling of evidence,
possessing child pornography,
and marrying a drug dealer.

85 of the 1,045 violations resulted in dismissal from the FBI. Other punishment was as modest as a letter of censure.

And there is no indication anyone was ever charged with a crime.