02/19/13 Gun Crimes


Have government officials gone overboard with their anti-gun hysteria?

Alexandria, Virginia police arrested a 10-year old boy for brandishing a toy gun.

Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania school officials suspend a 5-year old girl for making terrorist threats with a pink Hello Kitty toy that shoots soapy bubbles. A toy she didn’t actually possess.

Montgomery County, Maryland officials suspended a 6-year old from school for pointing his finger like a gun.

[A 5-year old was threatened with suspension from his Hyannis, Massachusetts elementary school for making a gun from Legos.]

And Poston Butte High School in Tan Valley, Arizona suspended a freshman for having a picture of a gun on his laptop.

But when actual gun crimes occur, government officials look the other way.

‘Fast and Furious’ is the scandal in which the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms orchestrated the illegal sale of thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels.

Two federal agents (here, here) were slain by these weapons.  A kidnapped beauty queen was killed when she was used as human shield in a gun battle.  Fast and Furious guns have killed as many as 200 Mexican citizens.

[This scandal has reached into the highest levels of the Obama Administration.]

Attorney-General Eric Holder was issued a criminal contempt citation for obstructing justice in an investigation. And he lied before Congress [in sworn testimony (here, here, here, here & here)]. 

But the Justice Department has refused to enforce the citation. Gun crimes don’t matter when you have a friend in the White House [orchestrating a cover-up].