02/03/11 Global Warming Hoax


My home is as dimly light as a Third World hospital room.  That’s because I’m stuck using [compact fluorescent light bulbs] instead of [incandescent light bulbs].  The curly fries light bulbs are very expensive, give off poor light and don’t last very long.  And I probably should use a biohazard team to throw them away.

This all came about due to the manmade global warming hysteria that swept the nation years ago.  Now, after massive snowstorms, record low temperatures and unseasonably cool years, most people realize manmade global warming is a hoax.

40 years ago, Paul Ehrlich was the Al Gore of his day.  He wrote the smash best seller “The Population Bomb.”  He said the world was overpopulated.  Mankind’s end was near.  He predicted worldwide food riots.  A billion people would die in a single year.  And the U.S. population would plummet to less than 23 million before 1999.  He urged forced sterilization to head off the coming disaster.

The TV networks and the newspapers couldn’t get enough of him.  Sound familiar?

It’s obvious he was so wrong.

Just like the manmade global warming cheerleaders.  Yet they’re in a pickle.  They’ll lose face if they abandon the lie.  So, high temperatures, low temperatures, average temperatures.  They’re all blamed on manmade global warming.  And the U.S. is the evil culprit.