01/22/13 Hurricane Sandy Pork


A couple of weeks ago the U.S. House approved $9.7 billion in Hurricane Sandy relief money.  The White House asked for another $50 billion.

[The Office of Management & Budget sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner detailing$60.4 billion for ‘Hurricane Sandy & other projects.  New York media demanded Congress immediately approve Obama’s request for billions more than was necessary.]
So, the House authorized a total of more than $60 billion [see text of H.R. 152].

That money will go to people in New York and New Jersey.  The hardest hit by Sandy.  Funds also go to Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.  Money also goes to states that weren’t affected such as Vermont, Indiana and Georgia.

Stop!  Forget this list. Let’s do it this way.
Arizona, Michigan and South Carolina are the only states left out [from receiving Hurricane Sandy ‘relief’ money].  The other 47 states and DC get Hurricane Sandy relief money.  Even Alaska and Hawaii.

See, this is how Washington works.  White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel notoriously said never let a crisis go to waste.

And Washington doesn’t.  While the nation shows compassion in a crisis, Washington politicians behave like looters running from the electronics store with TVs under their arms.  Except in this case, they plunder the treasury.

Sadly, this is commonplace. Virtually every spending bill is loaded with millions or billions in pork to reward supporters, donors and political parties.  The network newscasts, cable news channels and major newspapers won’t tell you about it because they love big government.

Check out our website to see the billions of dollars in waste and to see how your Congressman voted.

Here are just a few examples of the billions in government pork and waste included in the Hurricane Sandy relief measure:

 – $28 billion is appropriated for future disaster mitigation projects.
 – Over $12 billion to Housing & Urban Development for unrelated block grants.
 – $188 million for Amtrak expansion.
 – $150 million set-aside for fisheries in Alaska and elsewhere.
 – $50 million for tree planting on private property.
 – $100 million earmarked for Head Start centers.

In a letter to Congress Taxpayers for Common Sense detailed some examples of waste.