01/20/11 The Blame Game


It’s been nearly two weeks since the Tucson tragedy. Our prayers go out to the fallen and for the speedy recovery of the injured.  Still, the fall-out continues.

The national news gatekeepers went into overdrive attempting to link the shooter to everyone they viewed as political enemies.  The drama queen of one cable channel read a laundry list of individuals and entities he implied were responsible.  Noticeably absent was the actual shooter.

It’s been firmly established Jared Loughner was politically liberal, smoked pot, favored the Communist Manifesto, posted a video of someone burning the American flag and worshipped the occult.  Not exactly the characteristics of the Tea Party movement.  Yet, NBC’s Today Show opened its programs two days in row blaming it all on Sarah Palin.

This much we know.  The shooter was a socially-disengaged, paranoid psychotic who suffered delusions.  Which would make him uniquely qualified to host any program on MSNBC.

Members of Congress are demanding additional privileges that honest, hardworking, productive members of society don’t have.  Some also argue for the criminalization of speech.

The hypocrites of MoveOn.Org made an insincere call to tone down political rhetoric.  Not long ago they had their “Bush equals Hitler” commercial.

Never let a crisis go to waste has been the mantra of the political left.  The American public should see through this for what it is.