01/03/17 – Washington Post & Wikipedia


Wikipedia? Really?

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

In 2004, a viewer emailed that my Wikipedia entry wasn’t very flattering.  Wait! What?  I don’t have a Wikipedia entry.  Apparently, I do.  It was obviously crafted by a critic because it was filled with false and defamatory material.  Back then, there were references to felony arrests, jail-time and all sorts of made-up stuff.

Wikipedia refused to take down the page.

So, I’ve used it as an example to warn young people from using Wikipedia for research.  I’ve never edited the page.  Nor looked at it in more than a decade.

But the other day, the Washington Post wrote about me. It referenced a position I haven’t held in 12 years.  And it linked to . . . you got it: Wikipedia.  Hashtag Fake News.

Even though the paper mentioned my commentary page, the Post’s modern-day Woodward and Bernsteins overlooked my actual bio there.  And their crack investigative team couldn’t find my bio on a website that has my name in it.

The paper’s dwindling number of readers have been cheated.

Maybe I’ll send a 7th grader to teach the  newsroom how to do proper research.

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