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$6 billion in State Dept funds are missing during Hillary tenure

ATF agent accuses federal prosecutors of lying in Reno case

TSA humiliating another stroke victim

ATF agents convince low IQ man to get a taxpayer-funded tattoo on his neck

Seymour Hersh: Obama's 'rat line'

2008 'Obama girl' turns on Obama

Emails reveal Congressman Cummings embroiled in IRS targeting scandal

Emails reveal stunning improper coordination among IRS, DOJ, FEC and Democratic members of Congress

Cop enters home without permission, beats resident, then charges him

Former soldier to receive Medal of Honor

86 million workers pay for 148 million receiving federal benefits

Even left-leaning pollster shows 'Abortion Barbie' getting crushed in Texas governor race

Census Bureau to report bogus health insurance numbers prior to mid-term elections

Bloomberg displays Obama-level arrogance

Chicago's strictest gun laws yield nation's worst shooting statistics

Dem House member: the worst of ObamaCare has yet to come

Massively in-debt Illinois wants to give $100 million to Obama library

GAO: Sebelius targeted healthcare CEOs for contributions

IRS revokes tax-exempt status of conservative non-profit

Tax preparers paid by feds to push ObamaCare

Chicago public schools' new racist curricula

VA medical center employees misused charge cards

New census rules to obscure ObamaCare shortages

Healthcare premiums skyrocketing under ObamaCare

Postal Service latest federal agency to make large ammo purchase

TSA official caught distributing guns to higher-ups as gifts

Ohio's 'truth squad' law under review before SCOTUS

Homeland Security to purchase 25 million rounds of ammo

TSA pats-down possible terrorist -- a 2-year old

IRS gave million is bonuses to troubled employees including those who owed back taxes

Meet the Press collapsing ratings are due to awful show host

Thomas Jefferson Center awards 'muzzle' award to White House for hostility to press

Murder trial of off-duty detective who gunned down unarmed victim to move forward

Former police officer on trial for false imprisonment and sexual assault of four women

44,000 people registered to vote in both Maryland and Virginia

Abortion fetuses incinerated to provide electricity for Oregon

Intelligence agencies not reporting admissions of criminal conduct

IRS employees who owed back taxes were given bonuses


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