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NSA spied on more Americans than foreigners; massive domestic spying growth under Obama

Redheads will be wiped out by manmade global warming claim its cheerleaders

Where is the liberal outrage? More than 50 shot in Chicago July 4th weekend

US Patent Office stripped Redskins trademark in spite of not receiving a single public complaint

More possible legal trouble on the horizon for ObamaCare

Hillary's laughing recollection of defending a child-rapist she suspected was guilty

HHS to spend an ADDITIONAL $1.4 billion on

July 4th is over but the question remains: should one put ketchup on hot dogs?

Black Americans protesting the dumping of illegal alien minors in the US

Durbin blames the illegal alien crisis on Bush

NH GOP gubernatorial candidate uses homophobic slur

HHS muzzles the media in restrictive "visit" of illegal alien detention facility

Hillary Clinton returns to 'dead broke' meme in spite of $104 million in earnings

Liberal logic: Chicago has strictest gun laws & highest murder rate so, it should have stricter gun laws

CNN renews its anti-Second Amendment agenda

Nurse: VA staff stole morphine from dying veterans

Whistleblower: TSA cell phone threat 'political theater'

You feel poorer because you are

Liberal darling of Katrina headed to prison for 10 year sentence

Muslim prayer rug found among Arizona border crossing used by illegal aliens

Democracy Alliance: A bushel of bad apples

Three Colorado Democrats skip the very fundraiser Obama is headlining for them

Veterans Administration investigated for retaliating against 67 whistleblowers

Study: More Colorado drivers in fatal crashes positive for pot

TSA permits illegal aliens to board aircraft without ID

Study: Companies don't benefit from lobbying but their CEOs do

UCLA pays $500,000 in campus police brutality incident

Cleveland police officer who shot two unarmed men loses 'gag' order attempt for trial

Judge orders IRS to answer under oath regarding 'missing' emails

Bill Gates' plan for Microsoft to cash-in on Common Core

Teachers union turns on Obama

Young woman engaged -- to Charles Manson

Coldest Antarctic June ever recorded

Oh, now the Obama Administration cares about Christian churches

Second federal judge orders IRS to testify under oath regarding 'missing' emails

Pentagon sends 'pink slips' to military deployed in combat zones

Obama scores astronomically high approval rating -- with Muslims

Another big company abandoning California for Texas

Homeland Security awards $190 million contract to company accused of defrauding federal government

SEIU caregiver membership drops 80%

NBC News accepts paid news coverage from Bill Gates

Target building a strong case for customers to shop elsewhere

VA mishandled reports at Baltimore facility

Major 'disarray' at Philadelphia VA facility

GAO: Pentagon overpaid for 100 million barrels of fuel

GAO: Federal government made $106 billion in improper payments in 2013

Federal 'employee of the year' accused of mail theft

After furiously hiring more workers TSA now offering early retirements to cut work force

TSA screener thought District of Columbia was a foreign country

TSA detains mother over her breast milk

Clinton-appointed judge bans use of 'Redskins' in case involving the Redskins

Maryland governor calls for sanctuary for illegal aliens -- but not in his state

Check-in with the woman in 2008 who said Obama would take care of her gas & mortgage

The cost of child care

Feds propose opening luxury resort for illegal alien minors

UN launches genocidal land grabs to battle man-made global warming

Mysterious 'bottomless pit'

NH state liquor board did not recognize DC drivers licenses as legitimate

Audit: Inappropriate use of Massachusetts state-owned vehicles

The link between Lois Lerner and Barack Obama?

Obama Admin sells $11 billion of advanced weapons to Qatar

Malaysia jet shootdown Harvard professor = America to blame. You work it out.

Obama: 40 seconds on Malaysian jet tragedy wrapped in 16 of blathering

Nationwide protests over Obama Admin's illegal alien settlement program

Fake TSA screener does perfect imitation of real screener: he groped women passengers

Obama Admin's secret 'Cuban Twitter' program

Complaints increase dramatically after new Pentagon whistleblower law went into effect

Judge: LA's parking ticket review process improper

Two-thirds of illegal alien minors approved for asylum

Drunk-driving judge pleads for special treatment

Judge blasts ATF for entrapment case against man with no criminal history

Huh? Judge rules a Congressional district redrawn to favor GOP -- but voters elected a black Democrat

Obama's 'Dream Act' has encouraged countless minors to board 'The Beast' death train

San Francisco wants to accept blood donations from high-risk donors

Questions raised in nearly two-year old investigation of Petraeus

Did potheads and dopers write this article at Rolling Stone magazine?

Judge rules for $23.6 billion fine in tobacco case

Disposable income with vs without government handouts

Trend: another week of crises and Obama spends the weekend playing golf

A 1906 school textbook on race

UN agency hands rockets back to Hamas

Mosque leader attempts to cut-off hand of suspected thief -- in Philadelphia!

NY Times blames Bush for Clinton law supported and amended by Biden

On open mic Kerry caught mocking Israel

It's ratings are down because mindless MSNBC viewers stop drinking Kool-Aid on breaking news days

Hubris:White House criticizes anonymous sources the same day White House officials spoke to press as anonymous sources

Takes man 3 months to cancel ObamaCare policy

Governor misspells Minnesota as 'Minnesta'

Must see: Ninja schoolgirls

Political correctness seeping into NFL Hall of Fame considerations

Missing emails may be on recently discovered back-up tapes the IRS claimed didn't exist

Yesterday's 'reds' are today's 'greens'

Biden makes demonstrably false claim about jobs growth

Another taxpayer-funded organization teaching underage teen girls about extreme sexual practices


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