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Behind the Headlines - 05/12/11 Tortured Logic
05/12/11 Tortured Logic

It's been two weeks since Osama bin Laden was killed.  Missing from the news is how enhanced interrogation techniques led to his demise.

The most controversial is waterboarding.  The declassified Top Secret memo detailing all 10 enhanced interrogation techniques is on our website.

Critics have called it "torture."  It's no such thing.  Navy pilot Ken Kropkowski has been waterboarded three times, "Waterboarding is so temporary, it's so quick . . . There's no pain actually so I don't see how you can equate that with torture . . . There's no real trauma, there's no real lasting effect."

Kropkowski is one of thousands - yes, thousands - of military personnel - men and women - who have been waterboarded during survival training.  CIA interrogators learned waterboarding from the military.

Only three terrorist detainees were ever waterboarded.  It's okay for servicemen and women but not terrorists?

I believe Osama got what he deserved.  But how can the president call waterboarding "a dark and painful chapter in our history" and yet order an unarmed man to be shot dead?

Last week he authorized a drone strike against American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen.  But waterboarding the man who planned 9/11 and beheaded reporter Danny Pearl was a crime?

The White House is merely playing politics with American security.05/12/11 Tortured Logic


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