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Behind the Headlines - 05/21/13 223 Weeks
05/21/13 223 Weeks

Remember this Barack Obama before the 2008 election?

"This is the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow.  And our planet began to heal."€ (Video is here)

Wow, he can heal the planet.  And he honored us mere mortals by simply walking among us.

He doesn’t just know everything.  He does everything.  Wasn’t it Obama who fast-roped out of the helicopter in Abbottabad[, Pakistan] and personally killed Osama bin Laden? 

Navy Seals, who?

But when his people run thousands of illegal guns into Mexico resulting in hundreds of gun deaths (here).

Or when Americans get slain in Benghazi by the very Al Qaeda terrorists he said he wiped out (here, here, here).

Or the IRS targets law-abiding Americans and groups by the hundreds, if not more (here).

Or his Justice Department spies on journalists (here, here, here).  Then he claims he's this guy.

Obama becomes Clint Eastwood's empty chair.  He's the empty suit.  He'€™s absent.  In the dark.  He'€™s clueless what his own people are up to.  He just read about it in the newspaper. 

Even Obama staffers who had detailed knowledge of all these scandals somehow forgot to mention them to their boss.

These are the thug tactics of Third World nations.  There's no place for them in America.

And for 223 weeks, national news outlets blindly accepted these not credible explanations without question.  

Last week, they didn't.

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05/21/13 223 Weeks


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