9/28/17 Junk – Food Science


First Lady Michelle Obama’s school lunch initiative was her signature achievement.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

The campaign was part of her “Let’s Move” program.  But it was as effective as encouraging kids to eat cauliflower.

Obama’s plan was to battle childhood obesity by serving healthier meals in public schools.  It was based on the Smarter Lunchrooms concept crafted by two Cornell University scientists.  The pair claimed that presenting healthy choices in a creative manner would entice youngsters to pick fruit over potato chips. The Department of Agriculture spent millions implementing and promoting the program.

Other elements of Obama’s healthier meals campaign were widely mocked.  There were endless stories of schoolchildren chucking into the trash inedible meals. Youngsters, parents and teachers posted online pictures of unidentifiable meal concoctions.  The hashtag Thanks Michelle Obama trended on social media.

Now this.

After studying the data from the Smarter Lunchrooms and related programs, several scientists and researchers [here, here, here, here, here, here] found more than 150 errors, inconsistencies and unsupported conclusions.  They claim data was manipulated to fabricate positive results of Obama’s school lunch initiative that didn’t exist.  Kind of a junk food science.

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