9/19/17 – Campus Speech


Fifty years ago, the college free speech movement was born on the Berkeley campus.  It died there this year.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

More than 130 Berkeley faculty members signed a letter demanding a boycott of classes next week.  They’re protesting “Free Speech Week.”

It’s not just ironic.  It’s sad.  Very sad.  Academia once prided itself on open minds. Free-thinking. Opposing points-of-view.  But that’s history.  Today, too many college bureaucrats have shown themselves to be deeply intolerant.  Close-minded.  Opponents of open discussion.  Only those promoting a rigid liberal orthodoxy are acceptable to speak.

Last spring, when far-left gangs rampaged across the Berkeley campus violently protesting an invited speaker, intolerant liberals blamed the speaker. That’s like blaming the matchstick manufacturer and not the arsonist.

The Chronicle of Higher Education is widely-read by college administrators.  A column argued it’s not about free speech.  College presidents should only protect “worthy speech”.  It was that same bigoted thinking that only some speech was acceptable that led our nation’s founders to write the First Amendment protecting all speech.

So, who defines “worthy speech”?

Goddard and Evergreen State Colleges invited convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal as those colleges’ graduation speaker.

Harvard offered a fellowship to a high school graduate and disgraced soldier convicted of espionage.

Is that worthy speech?

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