8/3/17 – Misspending


Uncle Sam misspending billions of dollars is bad enough.  Misspending the money after being told how to save it is even worse.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

A blueprint was given to the Pentagon.  An approach to save nearly 34-billion dollars.  A just-released report from the DOD IG explains.  The IG identified 58 recommendations that could save nearly 34-billion dollars if implemented.

These nearly five-dozen recommendations are among more than 12-hundred identified shortfalls.  The IG compiled a list of recommendations that hadn’t previously been acted upon.  Some were more than a decade-old.

Some of the potential savings include:

Twenty-two billion dollars for 44 helicopters the Marine Corps say it doesn’t need;

And nearly nine-billion for unneeded Air Force UAVs.

There are dozens of other programs that misspend money at tens or hundreds of millions of dollars each.

The DOD and the services haven’t acted upon these money-saving recommendations.  And there’s little incentive they’ll do so since Pentagon spending is being increased by billions.

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