8/22/17 – Suicide


Society should look at suicide in a whole new light.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

There were more than 44,000 suicides last year.  It’s among the leading causes of death for teenagers.  And unlike other causes, suicide is completely and one-hundred percent preventable.

It’s still a taboo subject.  More people take their own lives each year than die in traffic accidents. Suicides are nearly triple the number of people murdered. News organizations, including this one, report traffic deaths and murders.  Should they also report suicides?  To increase awareness?  I don’t know.  I’m asking.

When someone passes from cancer, friends, neighbors and co-workers reach-out. Casserole dishes are prepared for the family. Facebook pages and Go Fund Me accounts are set-up.  There’s no such response to a suicide.

And while death from any cause is tragic, family and friends of suicides assume a mountain of survivor guilt. Did I miss a sign? Was there something I could have said? More I could have done?

I know.  From personal experience. My brother took his own life.  I wrestled with that for years.  At first, I couldn’t be straight with others at how he died.  Only that he did.

But understand this.  Only one person is responsible for a suicide.

Perhaps we can do more before it gets to that final act.

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