8/10/17 – Shaking My Head


We’ve come across some recent stories that have us shaking our head.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

Ronald Reagan famously said of “[g]overnment’s view of the economy … If it moves, tax it.”   Oregon proved Reagan’s point. It will begin taxing bicycles like some states tax cars.

Fresno Mayor Lee Brand opposes a proposed ordinance. It would allow city employees possessing a valid permit to take their concealed weapons to work. Here’s the hypocrisy. Brand has a concealed carry permit and he’s been carrying his gun to work since 2008.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has hired 16 lawyers. So far.  Mueller refuses to identify most of them.  He’s hired nearly as many lawyers that are in the U.S. attorney’s office for the entire state of Rhode island.  It employs about 20.

The Pentagon bought 1.4 million uniforms for the Afghanistan Army. Unfortunately, the dark forest green camouflage pattern doesn’t blend with the desert landscape. There’s more. Instead of using a DOD-owned camouflage pattern, Pentagon officials contracted for a privately-owned pattern. This will increase costs by as much as $71 million over the next decade.

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