7/6/17 – HBO


Everyone should take a deep breath.  And relax.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

HBO’s John Oliver lampooned my company and me the other day.  Oliver hosts a comedy show.  His mission is to be funny.  Truth or accuracy have nothing to do with his skits.

What raised eyebrows were those who took him seriously.  There was a lot of nasty and foul language on social media.  Most disturbing was the threat of violence directed at my family.  Seriously, guys.  Oliver is a comic.  Don’t get your knickers in a wad over what he says.

Oliver wanted his viewers to be horrified at Sinclair’s size.  Here’s some reality.  Sinclair has a market capitalization of about three-and a-half billion dollars.  Oliver’s parent company, TimeWarner, is nearly 80 billion dollars.  Or 23 times the size of Sinclair.  And if TimeWarner’s pending merger with AT&T goes through it will be about $320 billion.  Making it one of the 10 largest corporations in the entire world.  Oliver didn’t share that fact with his viewers.  Nor did he disclose a sister company of HBO is CNN – which competes for news viewers.

Like most entertainers, Oliver hates political opinion that isn’t hard-left.

Hollywood comedians like to make fun of farmers, factory workers, and the middle class– the little people.  In fly-over country.  Their audiences love that.

John Oliver has every right to load-up his comedy with liberal politics.

But don’t take it seriously.

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