6/20/17 – Violent Rhetoric


It’s time to end the violent rhetoric.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

Last week’s shooting spree is a wake-up call to the political left to end its violent and violence-inducing rhetoric and behavior. Some have falsely claimed it’s evenly spread across the political spectrum.  Not even close.

It’s not just fringe groups like Move On, Democratic Underground and Daily Kos.

Kathy Griffin’s severed head shenanigans supposedly offended CNN co-host Anderson Cooper. But a few years ago Cooper used a vulgar term to describe the Tea Party.  Another CNN employee called Donald Trump a “piece of [excrement].”

The Huffington Post called for Trump’s execution. A taxpayer-funded play features a Trump look-alike getting murdered.

Noam Chomsky is a revered liberal icon. Weeks ago, he called the Republican Party the “most dangerous organization in human history.” Not Soviet socialists or Chinese Communists. Not the Nazis, Khmer Rouge or ISIS.  Such delusional talk should have his family consider institutionalizing him. Chomsky’s writings are featured on college campuses.

Last week’s shooter was the second Bernie Sanders supporter who attempted a murder-spree in recent weeks. This should give Sanders pause.  Same for Elizabeth Warren.  Yes, they should hold Trump and the GOP accountable. This makes for a vibrant democracy.  But their calls for a resistance is a dog-whistle that incites their unhinged followers.

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