6/1/17 – Resistance


Resistance movements have occurred throughout history.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

World War Two spawned several resistance movements.  For example, partisans in Poland, Norway and France organized to fight the occupying German army.

The brutal socialist regime in the Soviet Union and communists in China were so dominant that significant resistance movements were crushed before they began.

A dissident movement comprised of freedom-loving Cubans resisted the brutality of Fidel Castro. He took revenge by slaughtering Cubans by the thousands when they attempted to flee the socialist island.

Which bring us to the U.S.  Countless politicians from Hillary Clinton to Elizabeth Warren chatter-on about a resistance. Move-On preaches resistance in near-daily emails to its followers.

But understand this.  If you are not hauled away in the dead of night.  If you don’t have relatives who’ve gone missing.  If your friends are not jailed on fake charges.  If you’re not at risk of being summarily executed.  Then you are not a resistance.

To suggest you are only trivializes the very real threats faced by the members of actual resistance movements.

No, you are not a resistance.  You are merely angry with how an election turned out.

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