5/9/17 – Next Year


There’s always next year.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

There’s one consistency with Congress each year. Congress passes — and the president signs into law — unrestrained spending measures.

It happens when Republicans run Washington.  When Democrats are in charge.  And when there’s divided government.  And they always say the same thing: We’ll be responsible — next year.

Last year, Republican leaders promised the very next spending cycle would include 12 stand-alone appropriation bills.  As it is meant to be.

Well, we’re in that spending cycle.  Last week, another omnibus spending measure –separate spending bills wrapped-up into one –was enacted.  The same thing happened when Democrats controlled both Congress and the White House.

So, if all 535 members of the House and Senate claim they oppose omnibus spending bills then how does this happen?

Well, here’s the truth.

Neither party wants clean, stand-alone appropriations measures. They like massive bills because they hide pork, waste, and back-scratching deals for both parties. Spending money is how Washington politicians accrue power.

There is a minority of Republicans who oppose this madness [here, here].  But they get marginalized and punished by House and Senate GOP leaders.

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