5/25/17 – FDA Labeling


If you order extra cheese it could mess-up everything.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

The Food & Drug Administration has a pending rule that is impractical.

The FDA claims its complying with the Affordable Care Act with a proposed rule that requires all establishments that serve food to post nutrition labels.  These establishments include restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, convenience stores, food kiosks in movie theaters and the mall, and so on.

The rule will apply to chains of 20 or more locations.

These establishments were excluded from the original 1990 law requiring nutrition labels because it was deemed too cumbersome and expensive to include them.  The FDA rule will eliminate this exclusion.

This rule is to go into effect next year.

The goal may be well-intentioned but it’s impractical.  Here’s why.  According to one observer, a pizza chain can have as many as 34 million pizza combinations based on choices of crust, sauce and toppings.

What happens when someone’s generous with the cheese?  Or your ice cream cone gets a larger-than-normal scoop?  Or your shake got two extra squirts of chocolate syrup?

According to current law, a mislabeled food item could result-in up to a one-thousand dollar fine and up to one-year of imprisonment.

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