5/11/17 – ACLU


In theory, I should be a big supporter of the ACLU.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

I’m not. Because the ACLU routinely defends civil liberties only for select groups and causes.

Here are two examples.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter was banned from speaking on the Berkeley campus. For about a week or so while this controversy became national news the ACLU was conspicuously silent. No public statements. No calls to action. No legal filings.  It wasn’t until after it was over the ACLU cleverly issued a hollow statement claiming to support Coulter’s speech rights.

Days ago, the ACLU argued in court that a President Trump executive order is unconstitutional.  This is the order placing a 90-day moratorium on travelers from seven states the Obama Administration identified as origins of terrorism.  An ACLU lawyer made a shocking claim while arguing before the Fourth Appeals Court.  One judge asked: would the same order would be constitutional if a different president had issued it?  This is an obvious reference to Hillary Clinton. Yes, said the ACLU lawyer.  It would be constitutional. The audio is on our website.

[You can listen to the audio here.]

[By the way, placing extraordinary screening measures on travelers from certain countries is not new.  The U.S. did it for decades.]

For those of you were hustled by the ACLU you still have time to place stop payment notices on your donation checks.

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