5/16 – Shaking My Head


We’ve come across stories that have us shaking our head.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

Yale University graduate students launched a symbolic hunger strike. Unlike other hunger strikes this one didn’t pose any health risks. The students still ate meals. This is why they called it a symbolic hunger strike.

A march in Denver, Colorado to protest man-made global warming had to be postponed the last weekend of April. This was due to a foot of fresh-fallen snow.

Mats Järlström developed a mathematical formula justifying increasing the time of yellow traffic lights to accommodate drivers turning right. He submitted his work to the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying to consider. In return, the State of Oregon fined Järlström $500 for the unlicensed “practice of engineering.”

In San Francisco, U.S. Judge Jon Tigar ruled California prisons must provide — free-of-charge — to transgender inmates clothing, grooming supplies, and jewelry that non-transgender inmates must purchase. He ruled in favor of an inmate serving a life sentence for murder.

[It’s been learned the New York Times excludes from its best seller lists best-selling books with content the Times disagrees with.]

About a thousand more people have been murdered in Chicago [and here] in the six years Rahm Emanuel has been mayor [3,230] than Americans have been killed in Afghanistan since 2001 [2,396].

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