4/6/17 – Voter ID


Seventy-eight percent of Americans polled approve of voter ID laws. But some politicians continue to oppose secure elections.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

Voter ID supporters say it’s about election integrity. Opponents claim these laws depress minority turn-out.

A study released weeks ago acknowledged that all previous studies showed that voter ID laws had “little impact on overall turnout voter.” Yet, it made the unsubstantiated claim that voter ID laws “are passed almost exclusively by Republicans” to suppress black voter turn-out.

[A significant issue the study appeared to overlook was how overall voter turn-out was impacted in states that don’t have competitive races.]

There are two critical points worth mentioning. First, a multi-state survey found only one percent of voters lacked photo ID. In one state it was less than one-third of one per cent. The numbers of potential voters without picture IDs is very, very small.

Second, its offensive to suggest that minorities and the elderly lack the interest, desire and means to get a picture ID which is easily obtainable in many states.

Last month, researchers released a review of the first study. They found the first study included faulty data, errors in statistical calculations, incorrect interpretations and a conclusion not supported by the study’s own evidence.

In an email exchange, authors of the first study admitted they made mistakes.

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