2/9/17 – Connecting Dots


The Clinton Foundation is not back in the news. But it should be.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

Leaked emails revealed Clinton Foundation activities weren’t very charitable. Oftentimes, foreign governments had to make staggering donations to an off-shoot organization, the Clinton Global Initiative. This was the ticket to get an audience with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The Foundation raked in about two-billion dollars. A lot of that came through CGI.

Last fall, an investigation conducted by a prominent left-wing journalist uncovered questionable Foundation activities. Most media boycotted the investigative report.

Just as most media have ignored this development.

The Clintons are shutting-down CGI, laying off about two dozen employees.

One could make the case that closing-up shop makes sense if Hillary was elected president to avoid conflicts-of-interest. But the same conflicts existed when she was the nation’s top diplomat.

There’s a strong argument to keep CGI in operation after having lost the election. If it was really a charity.

But shutting it down certainly implies the Clinton Global Initiative was little more than the biggest pay-for-play scheme in American history.

Dots are connected.

Investigate the Clinton Foundation.


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