2/28/17 – Killing Off Hitler


Adolf Hitler died in 1945.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

Enough with the Hitler references.  We get it.  Some people are deeply disappointed when their candidate loses an election.

But to begin labeling the other side as Nazis or fascists is deeply offensive and uncalled for.

And stop referring to the target of your anger as Hitler.

It makes matters worse when news organizations do it.  Several weeks back, CNN reporter Carmen Aristegui compared Donald Trump to Hitler.  She wasn’t the cable channel’s first.  Susan Roesgen referred to this mash-up puppet head of Hitler and the 43rd president as George Bush.

Hitler references aren’t new.  The deeply intolerant organization Move On was behind this 2004 commercial likening Bush to Hitler.

The other day, liberal opinion-site Slate compared Hitler and Trump.  The article suggests we’re close to reliving the Third Reich.

Here’s the most important reason to knock-off Hitler, Nazi and fascist references.  It trivializes what those evil regimes actually did.  It wouldn’t surprise us if the same people who freely use these terms also think teaching world history is wasteful and unnecessary.

Folks, join civilized society.  Stop with the ugly and offensive references.

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