2/21/17 – Rubbing the Wrong Way


Laurie Wheeler is a trained and licensed massage therapist.  And that could land her in jail.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

Wheeler’s Facebook page has compliments from satisfied customers.  Apparently, she’s pretty good at what she does.   She even specializes in a technique called myofascial release.

As Reason magazine explained, Wheeler learned massage when she adopted an abandoned horse with a crippling, neurological disease. She became certified in equine massage from an Indiana program in 2010. She then became licensed in human massage in Tennessee where she lives and practices her trade.

People are one thing but, if she massages horses she could be fined and jailed.  This was the threat she got from the Tennessee Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.  The board said she must first become a licensed doctor of veterinary medicine.

Now check this out. Without becoming a licensed vet, Wheeler may artificially inseminate a horse.  This involves shoving an arm in places it doesn’t normally go. And she may castrate a horse.

This makes us wonder if Wheeler’s holistic approach to relieving equine pain rubs these bureaucrats the wrong way?  Or is there something else going-on?

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