1/24 – Human Rights


There are far too many nations that trample on human rights.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

Congo police use violence to shut-down peaceful protesters.

Ethiopia’s ruling party won all 547 parliamentary seats in the last election. Opposition was denied.

Dissidents and political opposition are jailed in Bangladesh and China.  In Burundi, they kill the opposition.

Cuba has slaughtered thousands of men, women and children trying to flee the socialist island.

ISIS, government forces and tribal militias have created a cocktail of despair in Iraq.

Women are denied the same rights as men in Qatar.  And in Saudi Arabia.

Migrant workers in the United Arab Emirates are often denied basic labor rights.

Rwanda has been the site of human rights violations for decades.

Ghana permits forced child labor.

Police are implicated in Kenyan kidnappings.

Ethnic minorities often face violence in Kyrgyzstan.

Government death squads kill indiscriminately in the Philippines.

And independent news outlets shut-down under Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez remain shuttered four years after his death.

All 16 are members of the newest United Nation’s Human Rights Council.

Think about that.

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