11/28/17 Thrown Under the Bus


There are new suggestions Bill Clinton should be held accountable over sex scandals.  Is it honest reflection?  Or just politics?

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

Starting a generation ago, any woman who accused Clinton of inappropriate behavior including sexual assault was blamed, shamed, humiliated and attacked.

The political and cultural left and their media partners piled on.

Saturday Night Live belittled the women. Late night comedians made jokes about them.

National news outlets ignored them.  Or portrayed them as the perpetrators.  The narrative was 22-year old, unpaid intern Monica Lewinsky was the stalker and the most powerful man on the face of the planet was the victim.

Clinton advisor James Carville infamously said of Paula Jones:  “If you drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.”

Clinton staffer George Stephanopoulos admitted one of his jobs was “smothering . . . bimbo eruption[s].”

NBC News interviewed Juanita Broaddrick over her rape allegations.  But held the story for weeks until after Clinton’s impeachment proceedings ended.

Far-left group Move On dot org grew from an attitude of “just forget about it and move-on.”Did liberals truly believe Clinton was innocent? Or was it all political?  Hey, it’s Bill and Hillary.  They’re Democratic royalty and we should protect them at all costs.

Cynicism suggests decades-long supporters are now turning on the Clintons only because they’re no longer useful to the political left.

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