11/21/17 – If It Feels Good


Perhaps we should blame the Baby Boomer generation.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

It’s my generation I’m blaming.  I am a Boomer.

There are shocking revelations regarding inappropriate behavior.  Including sexual assault. There is no excuse for this.  Not ever.

How did we get here?  Consider this.

It was the boomers who championed the phrase “if it feels good, do it.”  Sex, drugs, behavior, appearance.  People should be free pursue their hedonistic desires without criticism or  accountability. The attitude was society shouldn’t dictate boundaries.

In modern times, Western culture has acknowledged there are certain moral boundaries that should never be crossed.  That statement alone will likely enrage those who believe there should be no boundaries short of taking someone’s life.

The glorification of pop culture contributes to this anything-goes mentality. Reality TV shows follow flawed and dysfunctional people who seemingly attempt to normalize bad behavior.  Unaccomplished twenty-something year-olds rise to prominence when their sex tapes are leaked.

I’m not advocating a return to an age of hanging a scarlet letter around someone’s neck.

But perhaps we should restore the attitude there are distinct lines between good and bad behavior.  Maybe Baby Boomers should lead the charge.

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