1/10/17 – Hate Crimes


The FBI released its 2015 hate crimes report.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

Highlights include nearly 6,000 incidents.  About 60 percent were targeting race, ethnicity, or ancestry.  Twenty percent targeted religion.

I’ll confess I’m not a fan of the category called “hate crimes.”

If someone is the victim of an assault what difference does it make if the perpetrator didn’t care for that person’s race, ethnicity, shoe size or height?  Or if the perp attacked only because they’re mean and ornery?

The victim is no more or no less physically injured because of the motivation.  Assault is assault.

The same goes for vandalism.  Spray-painted graffiti is no less expensive to cover-up if its gibberish than if its slurs.  Vandalism is vandalism.

Whenever there’s an altercation between two people of different . . . whatevers, it’s immediately labeled a hate crime.

Our nation becomes more diverse each year – racially, ethnically, religiously, and so on.  This suggests incidents labeled as hate crimes will only rise.

Look at this way.  Are we a better society if crime only occurs among people of like backgrounds?  Of course not.

Hate crime labels only distract attention from the criminal act.  Which is not helpful.

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