01/05/17 – Washington Advice


It’s a new year in Washington.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

Here are my suggestions of what DC should take-on.  In no particular order:

Repeal and replace Obamacare.

Reform the 80,000-page tax code.  Americans shouldn’t have to hire professionals to figure out what they owe.

Get people back to work.  Most people would rather have a job than live on the public dole.

Once and for all, kill the Export-Import Bank.  It’s crony corporatism at its worst.

Fix the VA Medical System.  It’s shameful we allow servicemen and women to die while waiting for care.

Drastically revamp the EPA. The agency spends more money on a thousand in-house lawyers than it does on “chemists, general health scientists, ecologists, … microbiologists” and other lab coat-wearing professionals. Think about that.

Build an economy favorable to home ownership.  Ownership rates are down – especially among blacks and young adults.

Support a free and vibrant press.  Politicians who claim to be arbiters of real news occupy the darkest chapters of world history.

Adopt a sensible foreign policy that protects Americans and American interests.  Everything else is secondary.

Lead by example.  Washington desperately needs good role models.

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